"Every Idea That Comes Through our Doors is a Diamond in the Rough"                                  "Every Idea That Comes Through our Doors is a Diamond in the Rough"




Fee Structure


Please note that we do not work on a contingent fee basis.


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Consultation Fees:    

In Office

 501(C)(3)   $125.00
 501(C)(3)           Re-Instatement







$150.00 - $300.00 + .37 per mile round trip (Driving)


$200.00 - $500.00 + .37 per mile round trip (Driving)


Not Available


                *Contact us for out of state consultation fees

Flat Fee Assignments
For flat fee assignments with an amount less than $2,000, payment in full in advance is required. For flat fee assignments with an amount greater than $2,000, a 50% deposit is required to initiate work, and the balance is due prior to release of the final work product.

  • Grant Writing
    Fees for most grant writing assignments typically range from $750 - $3,500, depending on the complexity of the proposal and the length of time we have to complete the assignment.

  • Foundation/Corporate Giving Proposals
    We will complete a comprehensive search of our database and outreach sources of  foundation/corporate giving  for a single project concept; draft a letter/proposal or concept paper, and we will submit applications to the ten best sources identified in the search, for a fee of $1,000, or the fifteen best sources for $1,800.

  • Grant Source Research
    Customized grant source research is available for any project concept. This may include keyword searches of our databases of all  grant programs including federal (if applicable) and 18,000 foundation/corporate giving sources, as well as telephone surveys of state and local government sources. The fee usually ranges from $1,500 - $3,500, based on the project concept, scope of the search and labor requested.

  • Nonprofit Incorporations
    For a fee of $1,500, we will complete all paperwork necessary to establish a new nonprofit corporation in your state. This includes articles of incorporation, by-laws, an application for state tax exemption (if applicable), and an application to the IRS for a 501(c)3 letter of determination with 3 years of Projected Budget. We will
    also provide 2 packages, one for the IRS and a presentation package for your file. Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for filing fees, which are $300 or $750 depending on budget.

Program Plans
We will draft program plans for such contract service providers as group homes, child care providers, foster family agencies, substance abuse treatment providers, education programs and community based services programs etc., for a fee ranging from $2,500 - $5,000, depending on the complexity and the scope of work of the assignment.

For-Profit Business Services
We will develop business plans, proformas, and presentation packages for businesses for a fee ranging from $2,500 - $6,000, depending on the complexity and the scope of work for the assignment. This may include investor/lender packages, as well as public relations materials.

Editing/Technical Assistance
Complete editing of client prepared proposals, as well as technical assistance, is available on an hourly basis. Call for a price quote.

Workshop & Seminars

Fees are based on content and preparation.

Retainer Agreements
Under a retainer arrangement, usually in the $1,000 - $3,000 range. We are available to conduct grant source research, alert you to grant opportunities, prepare proposals, and provide ongoing services and consultations. We will keep track of hours worked with hours billed at a 20% discount from our standard hourly rate. Hours not used at a given time will be "banked" for use a future time. The retainer is due at the start of a contract. The hourly rate is $65.

Not-to-Exceed Agreements
In this approach, a mutually agreed upon not-to-exceed amount is set to complete an assignment, or provide ongoing assistance. There is a $3,000 minimum. A 25% deposit is required, with fees billed monthly on a time and materials basis, according to our hourly rate schedule. 

Expenses for all types of assignments are billed at cost, and can include such items as overnight delivery service, copying, and production of submission documents. If a client prefers an on-site scope of task meeting, travel time and expenses will also apply.

Price Quotes
Contact us for a price quote on a specific assignment.

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