"Every Idea That Comes Through our Doors is a Diamond in the Rough"                                  "Every Idea That Comes Through our Doors is a Diamond in the Rough"


 Partners Enhancing Non-Profits

Thank you for seeking information on the Polish, Inc. PEN Project; Partners Enhancing Nonprofits


As you meander through the presentations of services listed on our web site, you will begin to realize the intellectual properties working together in your behalf. it is by no mistake or stretch of the imagination that these services collaborate as a team.  No time in history has man's humanity to man through the extension of spiritual gifts been so necessary and embraced than now.  The knowledge and expertise shared among each partner in the partnership to enhance nonprofits serves to make these exciting times!


No less exciting are the programs and projects that you and your board of directors have developed and are implementing for the good and well-being of its beneficiaries - communities in the southern regions.  our collective understanding- before we meet, shake hands or identify your scope of work - is that you are seeking funding opportunities for your organization's capacity to deliver on a collective promise that generated your mission.  Let me assure you that the team is already there. No accomplishment is an absolute triumph, if your success is not first on our agendas.  And, that is the paradigm through which you are encouraged to gauge the work that we perform for you, either on a collective or individual basis.


Again, thank you for showing interest in the project;  partners Enhancing Nonprofits.  Look for us, we are in your communities.


C. Maria Macon, President Polish, Inc.



Development – Allen Leadership Group, LLC; Responsible for experience-based training for group dynamics, leadership development, and team building - contact Johnny Allen jallen@feliciahallallen.com 

Community Outreach – Magi Arts, Inc.; Responsible for community connection via programming, storytelling and artistic involvement through performance demonstrations.  Your connection to the Artists Clearing House and Arts-in-Education - contact Phillip ‘Sekou’ Glass sekouglass1@juno.com

Finance – Tax Pro 1000 and Credit Pro 1000 Credit Counseling Center, Inc.; Responsible fiscal accountability, creating and establishing finance structure, and 990 reporting - contact Bob Mickerson bmickerson@taxpro1000.com

Financial Management – The Nitch Group; Responsible for financial accountability, wealth building, investment vehicles, GAP letters for grants, 990 reporting and fiscal responses in today’s economy-contact Roslyn V. Macon    thenitchgroup@gmail.com

Communication and Resource Development – Your Girl, Inc.; Responsible for creating cyber brochure verbiage, annual reports, press releases, planning and implementing social media engagement, researching funding opportunities and website maintenance – contact Rashaan Peek info@yourgirlinc.com

Marketing - Your Girl, Inc.; Responsible for strategic marketing, media access, planning and implementation of your marketing plan – contact Rashaan Peek info@yourgirlinc.com

NPO & NGO Infrastructure Development – Polish I.N.C. (International Nonprofit Consulting); Responsible for 501c3 procurement, documentation and compliance, intermediary duties, nonprofit management, board development and training, program development and evaluation, grant writing – contact C. Maria Macon cmaria@polishinc.biz

Legal – Snow Legal Group; Responsible for legal implementation and accountability, contract negotiations and real estate closings – contact Kenneth D. Snow kennsnow@snowlegal.com

Faith-Based Community – The faith-based community has a unique set of challenges when it involves their outreach initiatives, the community and grants. While IRS compliance is the same for all nonprofits, understanding the ‘language of the church’ is an important art for our partners. The partner that understood the need for this component of our project was Dr. Jewett Walker – deceased. Continuing Dr. Walker’s philosophy  as a PEN partner is the Rev. Drorester O. Alexander russhonja@aol.com

Facility – Blue Ribbon Realty; Responsible for real estate transactions facility search and development and deal making for nonprofits – contact W. Troy Watson troyw@bellsouth.net

Technology – Black Rose Designs; Responsible for website design, cyber brochures creations, branding, web maintenance, technology training and implementation – contact Janet Butler janet@blackrosedesigns.net

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