"Every Idea That Comes Through our Doors is a Diamond in the Rough"                                  "Every Idea That Comes Through our Doors is a Diamond in the Rough"


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Polish Inc's tradition of being an incubator for skills and services that contribute to the value of the community and the organizations that serve them continue with the Visual Artist Project.  The history of Polish Inc.'s commitment to quality services have nurtured the development of the International Black writers, Artist Clearing House and scores of artist and professionals who service out communities in the highest traditions of service and value. We are proud too present to a part of our upcoming touring gallery show, which represents the qualities of artistic excellence, historical and cultural significance, professionals who are both storytellers and teachers.


Star Productions International, Inc. (SPI), is a small theatre company composed of nine artists committed to exposing their craft, in varying genres, to children and adult audiences. SPI is both a presenting and performance venue for artist to work in collaboration with other art mediums such as music, literature, and visual arts. Twice a year artists collaborate to conduct a 10 week theatre camp and performance presentation. The camp consist of workshops, field trips and theatre experiences that are taught to children ages 8 - 17. Our mission is to become an artist workplace for the development or advancement of current work or new works in theatre.






The theatre company was created by playwright C. Maria Macon who had her directorial debut in March 2004 with the play The African American Talking Museum. The signature production for SPI is the award winning children's play "The Star That Hangs Closest to the Earth" written by Macon and performed by children that graduate from the 10 week theatre camp.

The 10 week workshop recently ended with two performances of the "The Star That Hangs Closest to the Earth".  To read recent review and for more information about upcoming workshops, please click here.

For information regarding the upcoming Summer Theatre Camp, please click here

Artist Clearing House

Purpose is to provide a sense of solidarity among professional and emerging artists.  To facilitate dialogue between the artists and those who may provide services to them.  To create equity in pay between the artist, art providers and audience market. to facilitate the development of strong collaborations between artists for the purpose of creating an environment conductive to and in partnership with the tourism market in the Carolinas. T to collaborate beyond the Carolinas.  To provide artists with venues for development and information.

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International Black Writers of Charlotte (IBWE)

A support organization for new and emerging literacy voices in the Carolinas.  To create a vehicle through which the organization can operate its mission which would facilitate its efforts to encourage, develop and display the literate, literacy and publishable skills of Black writers.  To expand the pool of writers through programs, workshops and seminars that reflect the mission of the organization.

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